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President Donald Trump called Bill O’Reilly a “good person” who did nothing wrong in an interview Wednesday with The New York Times, jumping to the defense of.

Apr 10, 2017. Andrea Mitchell: The Full Transcript. You got an exclusive interview with Susan Rice, President Obama's National Security Advisor, denying in her interview with you that she did anything wrong. Glasser: Well, I want to ask you more about the State Department but I do have to ask you about Bill O'Reilly.

Former CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg. Here’s video of O’Reilly blasting Engberg on Fox News’ "Media Buzz." And here’s the transcript below of Engberg challenging O’Reilly on CNN’s "Reliable Sources." Here’s a key passage.

Dig through transcripts of her many television interviews and you’ll find countless. In April 2008, Bill O’Reilly asked Clinton if she was vulnerable to Barack Obama because voters liked him more, because they "perceived him as a.

On the front end, our colleague Becket Adams posted a video of President Obama repeatedly using the word “folks” to refer to people in general during his interview with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly. To be sure, Obama does use the term a lot.

21st Century Fox confirms that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to Fox News.

Mar 15, 2017. Dennis Kucinich has been running around implying or claiming that the Obama administration wiretapped a call he had with Moammar Qaddafi's son, at a time when Kucinich was trying to. I have also seen claims that Kucinich was holding up transcripts of the wiretapped call in the interview with O'Reilly.

The U.S. Justice Department under the Obama administration was so frustrated.

Lange, prepared, pulled out the original transcript, read the full quote. Be with your family.” The interview was then abruptly cut short. 6. Bill O’Reilly vs Jon Stewart, 2011 Debates between O’Reilly and “The Daily Show” host are.

An ABC News transcript of its interview with President Donald Trump on Wednesday quoted him as saying that two.

Bill O’Reilly’s interview. along. Obama’s responses qualified for more penalty flags than were thrown during the game. His reaction to the crisis in Egypt is similar to his comment about the Super Bowl. He refused to "pick sides." The.

Bill O’Reilly interviews the National Finance Co-Chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign Frank Vandersloot. Vandersloot’s company has been targeted by the Obama campaign for his. This is a RUSH transcript from "The O’Reilly Factor,".

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BILL O’REILLY, HOST: Mr. President, thank you for doing this. BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Great to be with you. O’REILLY: Really appreciate it. I want to get some things on the record. So let’s begin.

“When in trouble in the Congress or the Russian investigation, his go-to targets are President Obama and me, and African Americans.” Hillary Rodham Clinton was.

Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on Monday. He talked about the ISIS threat, the recent terror attacks and his view of the first.

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OBAMA: I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear. But Marco Rubio said this week — and he was on Bill O’Reilly’s show — that the president hasn’t reached out to him. Take a look. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RUBIO: They’ve.

William James O’Reilly Jr. (born September 10, 1949) is an American journalist, author, and television host. During the late 1970s and 1980s, he reported for local.

Check the transcript – this really covers each topic question CBS put to President Obama when it was their turn last. journalism we have come to expect from the major media, O’Reilly’s interview was terrific. But measured against.

Mar 18, 2009  · In this 1:46 video, we point out 7 promises that then candidate Obama has already broken. We hope that all the people of the ObamaNation are happy with.

Let me begin by saying that I like Bill O'Reilly and agree with. Television host, razor sharp political pundit, and #1 bestselling author Bill O'Reilly focuses in on where we all stand in the Age of Obama in Pinheads and Patriots. In this. Also included is a transcript of an interview O'Reilly once conducted with Obama.

Not obligatory on our part, mind you, but apparently on Barack Obama’s part. Why he agreed to do an interview with Fox and Bill O’Reilly is anyone’s guess. just follow the link to the rest of the transcript instead. You’ll find it less.

The newly released transcript of the staff interview with Simpson is full of suggestions that. praised Simpson to Bill O’Reilly back then for exposing that McAuliffe protected himself from probes by giving “a lot of information to reporters.”

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Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and other powerful men in media are facing sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment claims as women increasingly speak out.

Oct 31, 2008  · This lady, Peggy Joseph, thinks Barack Obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else.

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The newly released transcript of the staff interview with Simpson is full of suggestions that. praised Simpson to Bill O’Reilly back then for exposing that McAuliffe protected himself from probes by giving "a lot of information to reporters."

Sep 7, 2008. We'll ask him in his first Sunday morning interview as the Democratic vice presidential nominee; Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. BROKAW: There was an enlightening exchange this past week between Senator Obama at the top of the ticket and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, talking about the surge, which.

Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama before the Super Bowl last Sunday has elicited a broad array of criticism, particularly from liberals like Bill Maher who claimed O’Reilly interrupted the President too much and didn’t show him.

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Dec 15, 2008. Craig also discusses his work with the Obama team and some of the important customer service issues facing Craigslist. Interview Transcript. Tim O'Brien: This is Tim O'Brien with O'Reilly News. I had the chance to talk to Craig Newmark in July, 2008, about technology and politics, about some of the.

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I thought Bill O’Reilly at Inside Edition was not. I wrote about Roger Ailes for the February issue of Esquire, I spoke to Roger Ailes himself on three separate occasions. The following is a transcript, somewhat condensed for readability, of.

President Donald Trump falsely claimed in a Wednesday night interview that two people were shot in Chicago during former President Obama’s farewell address. citing incorrect statistics shared on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Trump wrote.

Apr 18, 2017. But there is some new information, particularly about election night when President Obama called and asked if she would concede. What's fascinating is that President Obama called a second time and told Hillary Clinton that it was over. Her reaction was to apologize to him for not carrying on his legacy.

But before the big game, there was a much more contentious contest: President Obama’s live interview with Fox. Fox has posted a transcript here. As you can see in the video and read in the transcript, O’Reilly did not adjust his.

Apr 7, 2017. During the interview, we were briefly interrupted by Bill Shine, the co-president of Fox News. When Carlson told Shine that he was doing an interview, Shine responded mischievously. “Why isn't he interviewing O'Reilly?” Shine said. “His ratings are bigger!” Shine was kidding, but his joke was based on a.

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Feb 7, 2011. Transcript of President Obama's Super Bowl Interview with Bill O'Reilly SPEAKERS: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR [*] O'REILLY: Mr. President, thank you very much for doing this. And I must thank you on behalf of the FOX News Channel for helping out Greg Palkot.

Fox has not aired the clip containing the slur nor released a transcript containing it. on "Fox & Friends" during a break that Obama was "talking down to black people." In the interview Wednesday evening, O’Reilly said that when.

Obama Enters Lions' (Or Fox's) Den With O'Reilly Interview · February 7, 2011 • Obama used his O'Reilly interview to try to reach independents and underscore his centrism.

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Nov 5, 2012. On the even of the presidential election CBS News program "60 Minutes" released a transcript of an interview with President Obama in which he said it was "too early to tell" whether the attack on the U.S.

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